Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to promote participation by men in golf activitites and events arranged at Del Rio Country Club.

1. To provide means of arranging and encouraging participation in tournaments, men's day golf activities, dinner meeting and other special events scheduled for the group members of Del Rio.

2. To educate it's membership on established USGA and NCGA golfing rules and procedures.

3. To provide financial and moral support along with volunteer's assistance for projects or goals that are approved by the majority of its membership.

4. To provide collective input and support as required or requested by the Del Rio Country Club Board of Directors, Management, Pro Shop or the membership at large.

Qualification for Membership

A.  Must be a member in good standing at Del Rio Country Club.
B.  Must be 21 years of age or older.
C.  Del Rio Golf and Country Club social members are eligible for associate membership and are encouraged to participate within the guidelines of Del Rio Golf and Country Club rules and its bylaws.

Annual Dues

Dues and/or fees must be paid to qualify for active membership status. The Men's Group Board of Directors shall establish dues upon majority vote of the Men's Group members present at a specified business meeting. The Men's Group Board may establish pro-rated dues for new Del Rio members.  Dues are currently $75.00 per year.

Upon payment of dues in full, a member will be eligible to vote at all meetings and participate in all Men's Group events and activities.


An established USGA Handicap, or a temporary handicap designated by the Golf Professional is required for participation in all golfing events and competitions scheduled for or by the Men's Group.


The Men's Group President will appoint a three-man committee, chaired by the Men's Group Vice President, to develop and coordinate an annual activity and golfing event schedule.  This committee will coordinate with the General Manager, golf Professional and appropriate committees to formulate a calendar of Men's Group Events.  This shall be completed no later than November 30th of each year.

If you are a member of Del Rio, log on to the 'Members Login' and check out more informaiton on the 'Men's Group'.